Bible Study: Ezekiel 39

Ezekiel’s prophecy will be fulfilled when Christ has defeated all the human and demonic powers of evil, and His redeemed people are radiant with the holiness of God (Rev 21:1-11). At the first advent of Christ, the heathen Gentiles, together with unbelieving Israelites, conspired to attack God’s Anointed but were defeated by His atoning death and victorious resurrection (Acts 4:26-30). During the church age, the proclamation of the Gospel reveals the holy name of Jesus to the salvation of all who believe. Jesus is the Holy One who is in His Israel, the Church, through the means of grace. Yet we await the final defeat of all evil at Christ’s second coming and the consummation when all spiritual warfare will have ceased, and the triune God shall dwell amid His people (Rev 21:3).