Bible Study: Ezekiel 46:19ff — February 4, 2024

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All the rest of the book is a vision of the new land, confirming that 40-48 has been otherworldly and eschatological. The vision shown by Ezekiel is nothing that could be implemented by Ezekiel’s fellow Israelites after the exile, nor could it be implemented by Christians during the millennial reign of Christ on this earth. Only God Himself can bring about the rejuvenation of the land to a new Eden, as He promised to do after the return of Jesus Christ (Revelation 21–22). Ezekiel 47-48 depicts the new heavens and new earth in which all God’s redeemed believers will dwell for eternity. See also Romans 8:10-23 which promises that after the return of Christ, all believers will be raised bodily to eternal life, and even “the creation itself will be freed from its slavery to decay into the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Rom 8:21).