“That’s just the way the world works” Trinity 9 2022

The Gospel is wise and right before God but looks like foolishness to the world. Now, in faith, you forgive even those who don’t deserve it. In faith, you care for those who don’t want it. In faith, you love those who are unloving. You live to serve. You know you are a steward of what you have, not its ultimate owner. You risk discomfort, persecution, and ridicule for your ridiculous faith. You dare to trust God in danger. You would rather suffer martyrdom than be unfaithful to God.

“You will know them by their fruits” Trinity 8 2022

Jesus tells you, “You will know them by their fruits.” A true prophet preaches repentance for the forgiveness of sins in Christ’s shed blood. A false prophet tells you to justify, rationalize, or overlook sin. A true prophet preaches justification by grace through faith in Christ Jesus. A false prophet tells you to live a holy life by following rules and regulations, to be a good person in order to be saved. A true prophet only preaches what he has been given to speak from the Word of God. Without your intentional study of God’s Word, you’ll never know if everything this preacher preached and this congregation confesses is good, right, and true. The solid rock upon which the Church is built are the words of Jesus. Let us all commit to the diligent and patient study of God’s Word. Everything else is sinking sand. 

“Christ is the gracious, merciful giver who is eager to help everyone” Trinity 7 2022

Jesus will never stop putting up with you. He will keep calling you to join Him in the sea, mountain, or desert places. He will keep gathering you together with other poor sinners in need of mercy. He will keep speaking to you His Word that gives faith, life, salvation, and peace. And He will keep shepherding His flock, even those who wander and find themselves outside His fold.