“Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones” Wednesday of Trinity 14

One key to understanding is that children don’t take the kingdom for themselves. They are not innocents who deserve Jesus and his kingdom, any more than the disciples could somehow merit a higher status in the kingdom through their righteous doing. They receive Jesus as a gift by faith, which is also a gift. Children, especially infants, can do little for themselves but depend on their loving parents for everything. There’s no hierarchy of merit but reception by identity as children of God. Of course, this is why Holy Baptism is given to all as the gift that gives adoption as sons regardless of any distinguishing mark. And with the adoption comes forgiveness, faith, life, and Spirit. 

“See with Eyes of Faith” Trinity 13 2023

Your baptized eyes see this as what is real. You don’t see as mere physical eyes see. You see the Lamb of God on his altar throne, giving His body and blood for you. You see Jesus standing in your midst, forgiving your sins. You see Jesus washing you with water, absolving and cleansing. You see Jesus in His pulpit proclaiming His Word, which alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And when your eyes now see that, you will see everything and everyone around you differently, too.