Edward Kurth Literacy Endowment

Established in 1855, the school of today is built on the legacy of the past–165 years of faithful service by former teachers, principals, and pastors. This faithful service includes Mr. Edward Kurth, principal of St. John Lutheran School from 1944-1967. In addition to teaching and school administration, Kurth played the organ and lead the choirs at St. John Lutheran Church. He was instrumental in the construction coordination and masonry work for the new school building in 1948-1949. A skilled athlete and talented musician, Kurth cared deeply for his students and for the members of St. John Lutheran Church. He infused classroom lessons with his gift for storytelling, harvested maple syrup with students in the local woods, visited hospitalized church members, and emceed weddings and anniversary celebrations. 

In memory of this exemplary Lutheran educator, the immediate family of Edward Kurth has graciously blessed St. John Lutheran School with over $49,000 to continue his legacy. Additionally, a grant of $25,000 was awarded from the Kaleidoscope Fund, a partnership of Lutheran Church Extension Fund (LCEF) and LCMS Foundation, to establish the Edward Kurth Literacy Endowment. 

Edward Kurth - Masonry 1948-1949

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Rooted in Christ ~ Nurturing His Children ~ Building Relationships is the mission of St. John Lutheran School. This is a direct extension of the vision and mission of St. John Lutheran Church: We are gathered by the Holy Spirit to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the means of the Spirit—Preaching, Baptism, Absolution, and the Lord’s Supper. Our mission is to respond with activities that directly strengthen Christian faith, including liturgy, prayer, catechesis, witness, spiritual songs, charity, and love for one another. 

For students at St. John, the roots of lifelong literacy begin with Biblical literacy, knowledge of Jesus Christ as the Savior of sinners. These roots extend to include communication and mathematical literacy as the foundation of our early childhood department, which includes Infants (6 weeks), Junior PreK, 3K, 4K, and Kindergarten. As students move into the early elementary grades (1-4), musical, visual, digital, and environmental literacies are intentionally nurtured. Media, information, financial, and community literacies are integrated into the upper elementary grades (5-8) as students prepare for the next stages of school and life beyond school as lifelong learners. 

The church and school community of St. John extends heartfelt thanks to God for over 165 years of Lutheran education in the Random Lake area, to the family of Edward Kurth for their incredible generosity, and to LCEF and LCMS Foundation for the Kaleidoscope Grant. May God continue to bless the legacy of Edward Kurth–a nurturing legacy of Lutheran education for lifelong literacy–at St. John Lutheran Church & School for years to come.