“Jesus promises to hear our cries of Kyrie eleison and answer them!” Quinquagesima 2024

When we pray the Kyrie during the Divine Service or privately, we can think of Jesus asking us this same question: “What do you want Me to do for you?” We don’t pray the Kyrie idly or mechanically, with nothing in particular in mind, but we trust that the same Lord who stopped this entire procession so that He could inquire of a blind beggar stops before us poor beggars and inclines his ear to us, too. It won’t be long before our eyes will sleep the sleep of death. What’s important is that our faith saved us, that our eyes will open again on the Last Day, and behold the same Lord who stands before us when His Word opens our eyes. It is this faith that we desire: saving faith that sees Jesus.

Bible Study: Ezekiel 46:19ff — February 4, 2024

All the rest of the book is a vision of the new land, confirming that 40-48 has been otherworldly and eschatological. The vision shown by Ezekiel is nothing that could be implemented by Ezekiel’s fellow Israelites after the exile, nor could it be implemented by Christians during the millennial reign of Christ on this earth. Only God Himself can bring about the rejuvenation of the land to a new Eden, as He promised to do after the return of Jesus Christ (Revelation 21–22). Ezekiel 47-48 depicts the new heavens and new earth in which all God’s redeemed believers will dwell for eternity. See also Romans 8:10-23 which promises that after the return of Christ, all believers will be raised bodily to eternal life, and even “the creation itself will be freed from its slavery to decay into the freedom of the glory of the children of God” (Rom 8:21).

“To you it has been given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God” Sexagesima 2024

Jesus is letting you see that the work of His kingdom given to us in the church is exercised by the office of the Holy Ministry and every Christian as an officeholder in the priesthood of the faithful. We are called to preach, instruct, and apply God’s Holy Word, written for our use in the codex of the books of the Bible. Like Jesus, we are given to speak God’s Word in truth and love to everyone with no thought of what we think it’s going to quote-unquote “work” or whether they’ll like it, receive it, or believe it.